Doing a Service to our Community


Walks around our little town occupies Brayden and I’s afternoons most days. We like to get out and about. We wave to almost everybody and everybody around here knows us by our first names. We walk to the park, we walk to the post office, we even walk to my Grandma’s house for homemade cookies.

When I was walking with Brayden last week, I noticed all of the trash that had started building up in the ditches in town. This was hard to me to believe, since we all knew each other, each one of us can be held accountable for our actions. Mowing season is upon us and this got me to thinking; most of the people in this town are almost to old to be walking around on trash duty and picking this crap up. I decided right then that I should share with Brayden the importance of serving our community.

I immediately turned around and headed back to the house. Brayden asked me, “Mom, where are we going?” I told him, “We are going back to our house to get 2 trash bags.” Brayden looked at me really funny for a second and asked, “Why?” I told him that we were going to walk around and help pick up this trash! I am the first person that is anti throw anything out your car window or dumping your trash, (people tend to do this in rural areas more than urban ones).  So this is a real issue for me.

Once we had our bags, we set out on our adventure. I told him that every piece of trash he picked up was to go in the trash bags. I explained to him the importance of helping each other out like good neighbors do. I even told him the story in the bible about how it is good to be a good neighbor.

We walked 4 blocks and it took us 2 hours. We both had full sacks of trash. I couldn’t believe how many beer bottles we were picking up and empty cigarette packs. We were troopers. People would walk by and smile and wave. One man, who is our local water meter reader, got out and helped us pick up our last block we were on,(4 blocks doesn’t sound like much, but literally that is half of our town).

The next day, we set out to go do the second half. We walked around and found that we had to have been good influences because there was no trash anywhere in the ditches. I was very impressed. I told Brayden we started a trash revolution! He was so pleased with himself. I told him, similar to the bird up above, that everyone has the power to make change. In this life, we always try to good. I hope that this was another good lesson for him. It was definitely a great service to our community!

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Healing boo-boo’s


Every good mother knows she has to kiss every boo-boo that their child gets. You can kiss it, disinfect it, bandage it, and the list goes on. Its how you read your child to know exactly what it takes to heal their Ouchy.

Brayden knows that I am going to be a nurse. He knows his mama drives to class everyday so that she can learn all about taking care of other people. Brayden also likes the fact that I can take care of others and it makes me feel good.

When it comes to taking care of Brayden, if its more than a kiss you better forget it! He will run away from you a million miles an hour! If you don’t stay on his heels, you will never find him! He is so illusive he could be anywhere under anything!

Even when I find him, there is no way that I will be able to put a bandage or antiseptic. So I wait until he falls asleep and I try to patch him up the best that I can. Its the best I can do with what I have to work with.

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The Ice Cream Man and Saturday Diversion…

I am thankful that we live in an area where the ice cream man can come and give my child ice cream on Saturdays without worrying about anything. The man that does it is a brother to a very trusted doctor from St. Francis and I swear the only reason he does it is to keep the tradition alive.

Man does he keep it alive! He drives a blue van with ice cream pictures all over it! You know whenever he here from the happy child-like music that blasts throughout his speakers all across town. He has been here since I was little and its great that he is still here now that I have Brayden. I have a sister-in-law who had no idea they were even still around (they are from Kansas City) and her little ones will never have the joy that Brayden does on early Saturday afternoons.

Whenever we hear the music, Brayden runs to the door to see if he can spot him! Once he does, he runs outside to flag him down, money in his pocket. The ice cream man will open the door to his van and let Brayden climb inside and look through 4 deep freezes to find whatever he thinks he likes that day. Then after we pay, we exit the van, say our thank-you and enjoy our tasty treat.

One Saturday,  Brayden heard the ice cream man and I went to go look for some money. I looked and looked and could not find any cash. I thought, “OH NO! What am I going to do!” I had no cash at all, not even quarters in the change jar! We had to create a diversion for Brayden until the ice cream man was out of town!

Anthony suggested that we take Brayden for a car ride. That was obviously no good, while we would try and sneak out of town it would be our luck we would drive right by him! Instead, I broke down and went into the back room where I always stash the Christmas presents and grabbed one I had already got for this coming year.

The present wasn’t anything extremely amazing, but I knew it would do in a pinch for a great diversion! I started to hear the music playing and Brayden’s ears perked up and I thought for a split second that he heard it. Anthony picked up on this too and instantly went to the TV and turned on CMT Top 20 Countdown and turned up the volume a little.

I kept looking out the window and waiting for him to drive by, which thankfully he never did. I did not want to break it to my little guy that mom had used ice cream money for pop money so he would do without this week.

20 minutes seemed like forever until he finally left town, we could finally turn down the TV and could rest easy. Brayden may not have came out with ice cream, but he did have a good train set to play with for the rest of the weekend! One thing is for sure, I will never leave the ice cream jar empty again!


Brayden Aldean

I swear like almost every mom does that I have a little star living under my roof. Brayden’s musical talents are both entertaining and very well-developed for an almost 4-year-old. Brayden doesn’t sing your regular kids songs, but whatever is popular on the radio! He likes a little bit of everything like his mother but his favorite is country music!

Brayden dresses the part just like his dad does. He will wear his wranglers with a plier pouch firmly attached by a belt to his side. Whenever daddy comes home, it is time to turn on a little country music and dance around the living room singing out of tune and as loudly as we all possibly can. I have attached a video of Brayden singing a Luke Bryan song.!/photo.php?v=10151537390538706&set=vb.503353705&type=3&theater

The comments were on this video were pretty funny. The one that stood out to me the most  was from my cousin Jordan who called him a little ‘Brayden Aldean’. I always joke with everyone that in a short 15 years we will be on our flight out to Nashville to sign Brayden up with a record deal. Who knows, it’s America for god sakes, it could happen!

Until that day comes we are going to be practicing our accents and singing as loudly as we possibly can!

Little Wonders

A song that has the most meaning for me is Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. I hear this song and almost every time my eyes well up with tears. 4 years ago my life changed for the better. My little miracle was born. Shortly after I had Brayden, we found out that I could not have anymore children. Anthony and I made a promise to each other that we would do everything possible to be the best set of parents a child could have. To live each day like it was the last day we were ever going to be able to spend together and create nothing but wonderful memories.

We have grown just as much as Brayden. The chorus says, “Our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate. Time falls away but these small hours, these small hours still remain.”

Us even having a child in the beginning was both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. We were young, I was only 19 and Anthony was 21. We had only just left our parents house to become parents ourselves. Brayden was amazing! Everything was perfect from his little fingers to his little toes. I want to make sure that he knows he is loved in every way and listening to this song gives me inspiration to keep doing the very best I can.

Every day I am giving reassurance from Brayden that I am awesome and I’m his whole world when he says, “I love you mom!”. He is my little wonder. This time falls away, but these small hours we have will remain.



I Can Only Watch Cars 2 one more time!!!


Brayden is quite the little critic when it comes to movies. He could sit and tell you movie by movie which ones are worth seeing and which ones mom should, “trow awray!”. There is one movie in the opinion of my right hand man that is a must see, Cars 2!

I purchased this movie for Brayden on his 2nd Christmas. He threw it to the side and I decided I would save it for cuddle time on a less busier day. I tucked it away in the entertainment center where it stayed for a month. He eventually found it and the first time we watched it was great! We popped a huge bowl of popcorn, sit in our pajamas and slippers, and cuddled under the biggest blanket I had in the house! I laughed and truly enjoyed it just as much as Brayden did. We decided to watch it a second time until we both fell asleep for a peaceful nap.

When we got up, we had to watch it again. I thought ok, this is ok now, I have seen it 3 times. I dismissed myself from the living room and began doing other things that needed to be done.

It has been almost 2 years later and the Cars 2 dvd has had to be replaced 3 times because that seems to be the only movie in the house that is watched multiple times in a day between other shows on the dish. I’m telling you, as funny as the movie is, if I watch it one more time I am going to lose my mind!

Although I will most likely be a crazy person after one more time, I love the amount of enjoyment Brayden gets out of it. His smile warms my heart and ultimately whatever makes him happy makes me happy!  I will forever replace that movie for him just to see his smile and hear his wonderful giggle.


Underappreciated Dad



For every family to run good you need a decent set of parents. I wanted to take the time to give Anthony a bit of appreciation. For every ying there is a yang and this fits in our family very well. If I don’t cook, Anthony does. If I haven’t gotten to the laundry, I will always have a suprise whenever I open the closet and find clothes washed and put away. Not to mention, Anthony does all the classified “Man Work” that I simply don’t know how to do.

Whenever Anthony is not doing any of the above he is working 12 hour days. This does not leave him much time during the week to do anything but work and chores. He always makes it a priority to play with Brayden, let Brayden tell him his daily stories, and usually tucks Brayden in at night. You could actually call him Mr. Mom.

I wouldn’t be able to do half of the things I do if it wasn’t for the amazing backbone I call my boyfriend! We have been together 5 years and I am sure there are going to be many more.