Doing a Service to our Community


Walks around our little town occupies Brayden and I’s afternoons most days. We like to get out and about. We wave to almost everybody and everybody around here knows us by our first names. We walk to the park, we walk to the post office, we even walk to my Grandma’s house for homemade cookies.

When I was walking with Brayden last week, I noticed all of the trash that had started building up in the ditches in town. This was hard to me to believe, since we all knew each other, each one of us can be held accountable for our actions. Mowing season is upon us and this got me to thinking; most of the people in this town are almost to old to be walking around on trash duty and picking this crap up. I decided right then that I should share with Brayden the importance of serving our community.

I immediately turned around and headed back to the house. Brayden asked me, “Mom, where are we going?” I told him, “We are going back to our house to get 2 trash bags.” Brayden looked at me really funny for a second and asked, “Why?” I told him that we were going to walk around and help pick up this trash! I am the first person that is anti throw anything out your car window or dumping your trash, (people tend to do this in rural areas more than urban ones).  So this is a real issue for me.

Once we had our bags, we set out on our adventure. I told him that every piece of trash he picked up was to go in the trash bags. I explained to him the importance of helping each other out like good neighbors do. I even told him the story in the bible about how it is good to be a good neighbor.

We walked 4 blocks and it took us 2 hours. We both had full sacks of trash. I couldn’t believe how many beer bottles we were picking up and empty cigarette packs. We were troopers. People would walk by and smile and wave. One man, who is our local water meter reader, got out and helped us pick up our last block we were on,(4 blocks doesn’t sound like much, but literally that is half of our town).

The next day, we set out to go do the second half. We walked around and found that we had to have been good influences because there was no trash anywhere in the ditches. I was very impressed. I told Brayden we started a trash revolution! He was so pleased with himself. I told him, similar to the bird up above, that everyone has the power to make change. In this life, we always try to good. I hope that this was another good lesson for him. It was definitely a great service to our community!

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