The Ice Cream Man and Saturday Diversion…

I am thankful that we live in an area where the ice cream man can come and give my child ice cream on Saturdays without worrying about anything. The man that does it is a brother to a very trusted doctor from St. Francis and I swear the only reason he does it is to keep the tradition alive.

Man does he keep it alive! He drives a blue van with ice cream pictures all over it! You know whenever he here from the happy child-like music that blasts throughout his speakers all across town. He has been here since I was little and its great that he is still here now that I have Brayden. I have a sister-in-law who had no idea they were even still around (they are from Kansas City) and her little ones will never have the joy that Brayden does on early Saturday afternoons.

Whenever we hear the music, Brayden runs to the door to see if he can spot him! Once he does, he runs outside to flag him down, money in his pocket. The ice cream man will open the door to his van and let Brayden climb inside and look through 4 deep freezes to find whatever he thinks he likes that day. Then after we pay, we exit the van, say our thank-you and enjoy our tasty treat.

One Saturday,  Brayden heard the ice cream man and I went to go look for some money. I looked and looked and could not find any cash. I thought, “OH NO! What am I going to do!” I had no cash at all, not even quarters in the change jar! We had to create a diversion for Brayden until the ice cream man was out of town!

Anthony suggested that we take Brayden for a car ride. That was obviously no good, while we would try and sneak out of town it would be our luck we would drive right by him! Instead, I broke down and went into the back room where I always stash the Christmas presents and grabbed one I had already got for this coming year.

The present wasn’t anything extremely amazing, but I knew it would do in a pinch for a great diversion! I started to hear the music playing and Brayden’s ears perked up and I thought for a split second that he heard it. Anthony picked up on this too and instantly went to the TV and turned on CMT Top 20 Countdown and turned up the volume a little.

I kept looking out the window and waiting for him to drive by, which thankfully he never did. I did not want to break it to my little guy that mom had used ice cream money for pop money so he would do without this week.

20 minutes seemed like forever until he finally left town, we could finally turn down the TV and could rest easy. Brayden may not have came out with ice cream, but he did have a good train set to play with for the rest of the weekend! One thing is for sure, I will never leave the ice cream jar empty again!



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