Brayden Aldean

I swear like almost every mom does that I have a little star living under my roof. Brayden’s musical talents are both entertaining and very well-developed for an almost 4-year-old. Brayden doesn’t sing your regular kids songs, but whatever is popular on the radio! He likes a little bit of everything like his mother but his favorite is country music!

Brayden dresses the part just like his dad does. He will wear his wranglers with a plier pouch firmly attached by a belt to his side. Whenever daddy comes home, it is time to turn on a little country music and dance around the living room singing out of tune and as loudly as we all possibly can. I have attached a video of Brayden singing a Luke Bryan song.!/photo.php?v=10151537390538706&set=vb.503353705&type=3&theater

The comments were on this video were pretty funny. The one that stood out to me the most  was from my cousin Jordan who called him a little ‘Brayden Aldean’. I always joke with everyone that in a short 15 years we will be on our flight out to Nashville to sign Brayden up with a record deal. Who knows, it’s America for god sakes, it could happen!

Until that day comes we are going to be practicing our accents and singing as loudly as we possibly can!


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