Underappreciated Dad



For every family to run good you need a decent set of parents. I wanted to take the time to give Anthony a bit of appreciation. For every ying there is a yang and this fits in our family very well. If I don’t cook, Anthony does. If I haven’t gotten to the laundry, I will always have a suprise whenever I open the closet and find clothes washed and put away. Not to mention, Anthony does all the classified “Man Work” that I simply don’t know how to do.

Whenever Anthony is not doing any of the above he is working 12 hour days. This does not leave him much time during the week to do anything but work and chores. He always makes it a priority to play with Brayden, let Brayden tell him his daily stories, and usually tucks Brayden in at night. You could actually call him Mr. Mom.

I wouldn’t be able to do half of the things I do if it wasn’t for the amazing backbone I call my boyfriend! We have been together 5 years and I am sure there are going to be many more.


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